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Phase 1: Allow more time for your journey, follow the diversions put in place and instructions from the Police.

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The work takes into account various constraints such as events at the circuit, public transport and the presence of shops and services.

A diversion route has been set up. This was developed in close consultation with the Stavelot municipality, the TEC public transport service, the police zone and those responsible for the circuit. It provides that: 

  • HGVs are diverted by advance warning on the A27/E42 motorway
  • The exact arrangement for the diversion through the village of Ster will be assessed as the work progresses.
  • Light-vehicle diversion: light trucks and buses will circulate as follows (*): Trou Hennet roundabout --> Rue de Pommard --> Route du Circuit --> Circuit bypass --> Ster Roundabout --> Route du Fagnou.
  • A specific mobility plan will be implemented by the police during major events at the circuit



Launch of the renovation work for the Francorchamps crossing (N62 - Stavelot)


The renovation work on the Francorchamps crossing began on 4 March. This project will extend from the "Trou Hennet" roundabout to the "La Source" roundabout. The work will take place in several phases and will impact normal traffic conditions.

Specifically, the work will involve:

  • creating pavements on both sides of the road;
  • creating a two-way cycle path on one side of the road;
  • completely upgrading the road (sub-base, foundation, surface) to  create two traffic lanes and occasional parking spaces.

The work will be carried out in several phases

  • 1st half of 2024: completion of section 3: drainage work and road upgrading along the Route du Circuit.
  • 2nd half of 2024: completion of section 2: drainage work and road upgrading at the Bruyères crossroads and Rue de Pommard.
  • 1st half 2025: completion of section 1: drainage work and road upgrading along the Rue de Spa.

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The work is managed by the Wallonia Public Service Mobility and Infrastructures (SPW MI) and AIDE. The public procurement procedure awarded the contract for the work to the Roher Gehlen - Nelles Frères consortium.


The total cost of the work amounts to nearly €7,300,000 (incl. VAT), broken down as follows: 

  • approximately €4,900,000 incl. VAT to be borne by SPW Mobility and Infrastructures;
  • approximately €2,390,000 incl. VAT to be borne by AIDE.

The project is expected to last for 240 working days, subject to any unpredictable delays on site.